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Electrical and Plumbing

The skilled experts at Mr. Fix It in New Orleans are ready to handle all of your electrical and plumbing needs for your home or business! Our team will tackle your to-do list for you, so that you can focus your attention on more important life matters. Our electrical and plumbing services include light fixture replacement, plumbing fixture replacement, water heater replacement, pipe insulation, and the installation and removal of holiday lighting and fixtures.

Replacing Light Fixtures

Replacing light fixtures around your home or business can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating process. When replacing lighting fixtures, you have to deal with breakers, circuits, and even the occasional shock from live wires. You may need important tools in order to replace fixtures as well, including extra mounting brackets, wire strippers and bolt cutters, chain pliers, wire connectors, box extenders, screws, and screwdrivers. Instead of spending your precious free time trying to acquire the expensive tools, call a handyman that’s already equipped and will take care of the whole process from start to finish for you? That’s where Mr. Fix It can help!

Replacing Plumbing Fixtures

Replacing plumbing fixtures can be tricky for the common homeowner. There’s the bathtub, bathroom sinks and faucets, kitchen sinks and faucets, tub and shower fixtures, garbage disposals, shower and faucet cartridges, and toilets to consider. When it comes to replacing these plumbing fixtures, it is crucial that you select someone with ample plumbing knowledge to do all of your repairs. Our handymen at Mr. Fix It take pride in our plumbing fixture replacement abilities, and have the experience and skill needed to get the job done right.

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Water Heater Replacement

Our handymen also handle water heater replacement and pipe insulation, keeping your home or business prepared for all seasons. When your water heater begins to leak, it may be time to give the handymen at Mr. Fix It in New Orleans a call! Don’t wait until the leak gets bad – call the team at Mr. Fix It to replace your water heater for you, so that you do not have to be bothered with connecting gas lines and drain valves and risk injury.

Pipe Insulation

If you have pipes located outside, our pipe insulation services from Mr. Fix It can save you money from needing major busted pipes repair. Insulating your pipes can prevent condensation from forming, since the surface temperature of the insulation will vary from the surface temperature of the pipe. While pipe insulation cannot prevent the freezing of the water in the pipes, it can significantly increase the time required for freezing to occur, and reduce the risk of freeze altogether. Insulating your pipes is a great way to protect your pipes against extreme temperatures and save you money in future repairs.

Installation and Removal of Holiday Lighting and Fixtures

While the Holidays are an exciting and magical time, installing and taking down all of those holiday lighting decorations and fixtures can be less-than magical. Mr. Fix It’s team of handymen are more than happy to assist you this holiday season when it comes to the installation and removal of your festive holiday fixtures and lights! Let the handymen at Mr. Fix It take care all of the work for you, so that you can relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

For all of your electrical and plumbing needs, contact the expert handymen at Mr. Fix It in New Orleans! Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

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