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About Us – Serving New Orleans, LA

Mr. Fix It is a full service handyman service. We can fix the jobs you or your significant other doesn’t have the time to do. We offer handyman work by the hour, but our best value is to hire a Mr. Fix It crew for the day to complete your entire honey do list.

The goal for Mr. Fix It is to provide professional customer service and quality craftsmanship with a streamlined process that is easy for our customer to understand. You no longer have to be building a house or doing a full renovation to hire an experienced contractor. Our process will help you keep your home or place of business safe, looking great and up-to-date.

Top 11 Reasons You Should Contact Mr Fix It

      1. You have a “To Do” list that seems to never get done.


      2. You are always saying “I’ll get to that when things slowdown.”


      3. Your place of business needs to adhere to regulations and safety requirements.


      4. Your place of business could use a little “TLC”.


      5. You are putting your house up for sale and you need some help to get it ready for buyers.


      6. You just bought a new property and it needs a few things fixed before you start moving things in.


      7. You are getting ready to “hunker down” for the next storm.


      8. You have elderly or special needs family members who could use some assistance around the house.


      9. You have an event or a party that needs some special accommodations.


      10. You are a property owner who can’t keep up with all the every day maintenance and repairs.


    11. A project or two is keeping you from being able to rent out your property.

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